SAT Subject US History Practice Question 798: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 798

59. Which of the following is TRUE about both the American Revolution and the Vietnam War?

A. The United States was victorious in both wars.
B. Both were essentially wars against domination by an overseas power.
C. Both were civil wars between North and South.
D. Both the United States in 1779 and South Vietnam in 1972 received military support from France.
E. Both were traditional wars fought by traditional armies.

Correct Answer: B


Both the British in America and the Americans in Vietnam were trying to maintain control of overseas lands against the armed rebellion of inhabitants of those lands who wanted to expel the overseas power. The United States did not win in Vietnam (A); it was forced to withdraw in 1973. Although the United States had a North and a South in the 18th century (C), the American colonists' war for independence was not a civil war between the North and South. During the American Revolution, America was supported by France (D) informally from the beginning and officially after Saratoga, but France did not support its former colony, South Vietnam. Although there were important traditional battles (E) both in Vietnam and in the American Revolution, most of the fighting in Vietnam was guerrilla warfare, as was much of the fighting in colonial America.

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