SAT Subject US History Practice Question 802: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 802

63. In which of the following pairs of events did the first cause the second?

A. John Quincy Adams signed the Specie Circular-the United States entered a depression.
B. John C. Calhoun wrote the Nullification Proclamation-Virginia joined with Kentucky against the Sedition Act.
C. Daniel Webster opposed the Bank of the United States-Andrew Jackson issued the Specie Circular.
D. Tariff of 1828 passed-Martin Van Buren elected president.
E. Andrew Jackson vetoed the Bank Re-charter Bill-the Whig Party formed.

Correct Answer: E


The Whig Party formed as a result of Jackson's veto of the Bank Re-charter Bill. The former National Republicans called Jackson "King" and themselves Whigs to recall the Whig Patriots who fought against the Tories of 1776. John Quincy Adams did not sign the Specie Circular (A). Jackson did, and the depression that occurred partially as a result took place from 1837 to 1939, years after Adams had left office. Calhoun did not write the Nullification Proclamation (B). Jackson did, and the Proclamation was written after, not before, Virginia and Kentucky joined in opposition to the Sedition Act (1798). Daniel Webster was in favor of the Bank (C). The tariff of 1828 had little to do with Martin Van Buren's election in 1836 (D).

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