SAT Subject US History Practice Question 803: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 803

64. Sherman's March to the Sea during the Civil War is significant because

A. it was the first major victory by Union forces.
B. it was a major victory for African American troops.
C. it was the turning point of the war.
D. it was the final battle of the war.
E. it was the first example of total war.

Correct Answer: E


Sherman's 285-mile March to the Sea from Atlanta to Savannah destroyed the homes and farms of slaveholders who would not give up even when they were running out of food. It was total war against the property of the enemy. The first major victory by Union forces (A) was Antietam. The first major victory in which African American troops fought (B) was Fort Wagner. The turning point of the war (C) was at Gettysburg. The final battle of the war (D) was at Appomattox Courthouse.

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