SAT Subject US History Practice Question 831: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 831

2. Which of the following statements concerning the New England colonies in the 17th century is true?

A. The New England colonies grew faster than the Southern colonies through natural reproduction.
B. The New England colonies were more dependent on Great Britain than the Southern and Middle colonies.
C. The New England colonies were open societies with a high tolerance for those who were different.
D. The New England colonies had larger farms than the Middle and Southern colonies.
E. The New England colonies lacked strong leadership.

Correct Answer: A


The New Englanders experienced rapid population growth through natural reproduction. Unlike their Southern brethren, the settlers to New England came with their families. In the 17th century, there was a shortage of women in the South. All the colonies were highly dependent on Great Britain (B) for trade and defense against their enemies. The New England colonies, with the exception of Rhode Island, were not tolerant (C) of religious differences. The New England farms (D) were smaller than those in Pennsylvania and the plantations of the South. From John Winthrop to John Adams, there were many strong leaders in New England (E).

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