SAT Subject US History Practice Question 835: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 835

6. The social gospel is a term usually associated with the

A. Second Great Awakening of the 1820s and 1830s.
B. abolitionist movement of the 1840s and 1850s.
C. urban reform movement of the 1890s and 1900s.
D. fundamentalist Christian movement of the 1920s.
E. political movement of the religious right during the 1980s.

Correct Answer: C


The "social gospel" was a movement that attempted to apply Christian values to solving the problems of labor and immigrants resulting from the industrialization and urbanization of the 1890s and 1900s. The Second Great Awakening (A) was a religious revival movement that did not specifically address social problems. The abolitionist movement (B) was not specifically a religious movement; it dealt with the slavery issue, not other social problems. The fundamentalist Christian movement (D) centered on literal interpretations of the Bible and opposed the idea of evolution; it did not address social problems in particular. The religious right political movement (E) centered on family values, not the problems of industrialization and urbanization.

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