SAT Subject US History Practice Question 840: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 840

11. Which of the following statements about 18th-century America is true?

A. By 1750, half of all American colonists lived in cities.
B. By 1750, the New England colonists were exporting more than they were importing.
C. After 1763, the colonists were prohibited from settling beyond the Appalachian Mountains.
D. By 1750, slaves outnumbered whites in the colonies by two to one.
E. By 1740, the colonists recognized Jonathan Edwards as a leader of the Old Lights.

Correct Answer: C


The Proclamation of 1763 forbade the colonists from settling beyond the Appalachian Mountains. All of the other statements are untrue. In 1750, 90 percent of the colonists lived on farms (A). The colonists imported more than they exported under the mercantile system, and New England (B) was no exception. Only in South Carolina did slaves outnumber whites by the mid-1700s (D). Jonathan Edwards (E) inspired the Great Awakening and the New Lights in the 1740s.

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