SAT Subject US History Practice Question 847: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 847

18. Which of the following statements about American cities in the post-World War II period (1945-1970) is NOT true?

A. White flight led to a decline in property taxes and income taxes collected by municipal governments.
B. Large numbers of African Americans moved from the rural South to the urban North.
C. The Urban Renewal program was a huge success in eliminating slums and poverty in American cities.
D. Black neighborhoods in many Northern cities experienced a series of riots in which the frustration of Black America was expressed.
E. The development of shopping malls and highways had a detrimental effect on shopping districts in the centers of U.S. cities.

Correct Answer: C


The Urban Renewal program was designed to tear down inner-city slums and replace them with modern housing and stores. It displaced large numbers of people and destroyed vibrant neighborhoods. It did not eliminate slums and poverty in American cities. All of the other statements are accurate characterizations of developments in post-World War II American cities.

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