SAT Subject US History Practice Question 850: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 850

21. Taverns of the 1700s were important because they

A. provided a place for an exchange of information among the colonists.
B. served as one-room schoolhouses.
C. served as targets for the Temperance Movement during the Second Great Awakening.
D. were halfway houses for the poor.
E. were places where New England town meetings were held.

Correct Answer: A


Taverns served as a meeting place where colonists from different areas could exchange information. The people discovered certain commonalities in their lives. This was important during the years prior to the American Revolution. Children did not attend school in taverns (B). The Temperance Movement (C) did not begin until 1810. Taverns were neither halfway houses for the poor (D) nor work houses. Town meetings (E) took place in a variety of locations, most notably town halls.

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