SAT Subject US History Practice Question 852: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 852

23. To correct the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation, the writers of the Constitution in 1787 included

A. a method of amending the Constitution that required the approval of all states.
B. the addition of a Bill of Rights to protect individual citizens.
C. the establishment of a cabinet to advise the president.
D. provisions for an executive and a judicial branch of government.
E. a reserved powers clause to protect states' rights.

Correct Answer: D


Two great failings of the Articles of Confederation were its lack of an executive branch to enforce the law and a judiciary to interpret the law. The Constitution provided for both of these. The amending process described in (A) was part of the Articles of Confederation. While the Constitution provides for an amending process, it does not require a unanimous approval of the states as the Articles did. The Bill of Rights (B) was not added to the Constitution until 1791, after the Constitution was in effect. No specific cabinet positions (D) were written into the Constitution. They were developed by George Washington. The reserved powers clause (E) is the 10th Amendment of the Constitution and part of the Bill of Rights.

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