SAT Subject US History Practice Question 855: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 855

26. Resources of the North and South in the Civil War

(Represented as a ratio)

Total Population2.41
Male Population Ages 18–604.41
Free Men in Military Service1.81
Railroad Miles2.41
Naval Shipping251
Factory Production101
Textile Goods141
Farm Acres31
Draft Animals1.81
Wheat Production4.21
Corn Production21
Cotton Production124

A. Cotton Production
B. Naval Shipping
C. Corn Production
D. Draft Animals
E. Male Population Ages 18-60

Correct Answer: E


In the end, the North won the Civil War because it could expend more men than the South. It is astonishing how the statistics overwhelmingly favor the North. The North had an advantage in naval shipping (B), corn production (C), and even draft animals in service (D), but none of these advantages were as important as the number of men the North threw into service in the war effort. The South had an advantage in cotton production (A), but this wasn't very helpful because the North produced most of the textiles; the South was running out of clothing by the end of the war. The Civil War lasted so long because the South fought so tenaciously.

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