SAT Subject US History Practice Question 857: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 857

28. Which of the following statements is true of the Populist movement?

A. Although it began in agricultural states, it soon became a national movement of farmers and urban workers.
B. It endorsed the concept of the gold standard.
C. It rejected both the Republican and Democratic candidates for president in 1896.
D. Its platform in 1892 called for government ownership of banks and railroads.
E. It fought against inflationary policies so that consumers would not suffer economically.

Correct Answer: D


The 1892 Omaha platform of the Populists included some radical demands, including nationalizing banks and railroads. It rejected the gold standard (B), and it advocated inflationary policies (E) so that farmers could pay off their debts more easily and sell their crops at higher prices. It never became a national movement (A), although some of the Omaha platform was later adopted by the Progressives. Many Populists supported Democratic candidate William Jennings Bryan (C) in 1896.

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