SAT Subject US History Practice Question 864: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 864

35. Lincoln fired General George McClellan because he

A. marched through Georgia destroying crops and homes.
B. would not cross the Mississippi into Vicksburg.
C. was too timid to engage the enemy.
D. did not train the troops properly.
E. refused to charge up Little Roundtop at Gettysburg.

Correct Answer: C


General George McClellan was unwilling to pursue the Confederates when he had the opportunity, spent too much time planning battles, and did not execute them well. The famous march through Georgia (A) was led by General William Sherman. Vicksburg (B) was General Ulysses Grant's first big victory. McClellan's expertise extended to training and organizing his troops (D). General George Meade commanded the Union forces at Gettysburg (E).

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