SAT Subject US History Practice Question 868: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 868

39. The "War on Poverty" was an attempt by

A. President Richard Nixon to aid Latin American nations.
B. President Lyndon Johnson to end hunger and economic hardship in the United States.
C. President John F. Kennedy to aid the developing world by organizing the Peace Corps.
D. George Marshall to feed the people of Europe after World War II.
E. President Dwight Eisenhower to reduce the number of people on welfare.

Correct Answer: B


The "War on Poverty" was a phrase used by the Johnson Administration to dramatize its attempt to end poverty in the United States. Aid to Latin American nations was not a Nixon initiative (A); the best-known U.S. initiative to aid Latin American nations was Kennedy's Alliance for Progress. The Peace Corps (C), Kennedy's program to improve relations between the United States and the world's peoples, was never called a "War on Poverty." General Marshall's work in Europe was called the Marshall Plan (D). President Eisenhower (E) did not initiate any specific antipoverty programs.

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