SAT Subject US History Practice Question 870: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 870

41. Which events are correctly paired to reflect cause and effect?

A. The influx of Quakers to Maryland-the passage of the Maryland Act of Toleration
B. The expulsion of Roger Williams from Massachusetts Bay Colony-the founding of Connecticut
C. The development of the head-right system for acquiring land and workers-the development of slavery in South Carolina
D. William and Mary's ascension to the throne in England-the overthrow of the Dominion of New England
E. Massachusetts Governor John Winthrop's Indian Policies-the breakout of Bacon's Rebellion

Correct Answer: D


When William and Mary ascended the throne in the Glorious Revolution of 1688-1689, the colonists overthrew the Dominion of New England. The Dominion of New England, which included New England and the other colonies north of Maryland, had been instituted in 1684 to discipline them. The Glorious Revolution gave the colonists the impetus to topple the Dominion. The Maryland Toleration Act (A) was written to protect Catholics, not Quakers. Pennsylvania, not Maryland, was founded as a haven for Quakers. Roger Williams (B) founded Rhode Island, not Connecticut. The headright system (C), which had first been developed in Virginia and Maryland, was designed to bring indentured servants to the colonies, not slaves. Governor Berkeley of Virginia was the object of Bacon's Rebellion (E), not Governor Winthrop of Massachusetts.

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