SAT Subject US History Practice Question 871: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 871

42. The War of 1812 has often been called the "Second War of Independence" because it

A. ended the British presence in North America.
B. resulted in the adoption of a national anthem.
C. marked the development of the U. S. Navy.
D. marked the last major conflict between England and the United States.
E. resulted in the acquisition of new lands to further United States expansion.

Correct Answer: D


After the War of 1812, the British accepted the United States as a fully independent nation. It did not end British presence in North America (A); the British were still in Canada, but they did leave the forts in the Ohio Country. The "Star Spangled Banner" (B), which was later adopted as the national anthem, was written during the war; however, this did not make the United States any more independent of Britain. The United States had had a navy (C) since its founding. The war did not result in a gain of new lands (E) for the United States.

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