SAT Subject US History Practice Question 872: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 872

43. The Whig Party, which existed 1833-1854, supported all of the following EXCEPT

A. rechartering the Second Bank of the United States.
B. raising tariffs to protect U.S. industry.
C. admitting Texas to the United States in 1844.
D. funding internal improvements, such as canals and roads.
E. Henry Clay for president in 1844.

Correct Answer: C


In the campaign of 1844, the Democrat, James K. Polk, favored the admission of Texas, while Henry Clay, the Whig (E), opposed it because the possibility of the expansion of the country to the West opened up a chance that the Democrats would become a permanent majority. When Clay backtracked on Texas late in the campaign, he ended up losing to Polk. The Bank of the United States (A) was one of the most important Whig issues. The Whigs supported tariffs (B) to provide funds for internal improvements (D). In the Whig's American Plan, both the bank and the tariff were designed to aid the development of industry.

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