SAT Subject US History Practice Question 874: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 874

45. Mechanization of agriculture in the late 1800s

A. brought unparalleled prosperity to U.S. farmers.
B. drove down prices of agricultural goods.
C. was ineffective at raising the output of farms.
D. was confined largely to New England.
E. was funded primarily by the federal government.

Correct Answer: B


Mechanization increased output-a development that pushed down agricultural prices. It became increasingly difficult for farmers to repay the loans that they had taken out to buy agricultural implements and land. Because prices fell, farmers did not prosper (A). Mechanization was very effective at raising output (C). New England (D) was not the center of agricultural production in the late 1800s; the Midwest was. The government (E) did not support the farmers on a large scale until the New Deal of the 1930s.

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