SAT Subject US History Practice Question 884: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 884

55. The temperance movement of the 19th century

A. attracted little popular support.
B. found a strong ally in the Democratic Party.
C. rejected appeals to people's sense of morality.
D. achieved its ultimate goal by the turn of the 20th century.
E. had a strong appeal among women.

Correct Answer: E


Women were drawn to the temperance movement because they often bore the brunt of their husbands' drunken rages. Also, it was the woman who had to put food on the table-a difficult task if her husband's paycheck had disappeared at the local pub. The movement was the largest social movement in the 19th century (A). The Democratic Party (B), with its strong working-class, immigrant support, generally opposed temperance. The movement relied heavily on a particular moral code of behavior (C). The ultimate goal (D) was not achieved until 1920.

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