SAT Subject US History Practice Question 886: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 886

57. Sarge, I'm only eighteen,

I got a ruptured spleen

and I always carry a purse.

I got eyes like a bat,

my feet are flat,

and my asthma's getting worse.

Which of the following is an accurate statement about this 1964 song by Phil Ochs, "Draft Dodger Rag"?

A. It encouraged young men to burn their draft cards.
B. It encouraged young men to evade the draft by fleeing to Canada.
C. It was a humorous song lacking any serious content.
D. It encouraged an antimilitary attitude.
E. It encouraged organized protest.

Correct Answer: D


This song, by the folksinger Phil Ochs, proposed an individualistic way to avoid being drafted: lie. Ochs supported draft card burning (A) and probably supported fleeing to Canada (B), but neither of these are mentioned in the song. Though the song is humorous, he is serious about the message (C). He encouraged organized protest (E) and performed at many rallies, but, again, this was not the message of the song.

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