SAT Subject US History Practice Question 896: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 896

67. As part of President Franklin Roosevelt's plan to fight the Great Depression, the Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) was passed to

A. replace the New Deal farm price supports, which had been declared unconstitutional.
B. help raise the prices of farm goods so that farmers could survive the Depression.
C. provide new equipment so farmers could grow more crops.
D. give loans to farmers who planted crops that were needed in cities.
E. ensure that all farmers who wanted to relocate to more fertile land could move without difficulty.

Correct Answer: B


The AAA was passed in the first 100 days to counter the overproduction of crops that had been one of the major causes of the Depression. Farmers were given subsidies not to grow crops and to reduce their output in order to raise prices and provide them with a living. The AAA was declared unconstitutional (A) in 1936. It did not replace itself. More crops would have lowered prices (C), and since there was a surplus, the idea of special loans (D) for new crops would not have been useful. The AAA was designed to help farmers hold onto the farms they had, not move to new farms (E), although some farmers who lost their farms due to foreclosure moved to California to work as farm laborers (the "Okies"). The Roosevelt administration encouraged people to move to rural areas in the beginning of the New Deal; this relocation was not a success.

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