SAT Subject US History Practice Question 898: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 898

69. When Gerald Ford said "the long national nightmare is over," he was referring to the end of the

A. Vietnam War.
B. Cold War.
C. Iran Hostage Crisis.
D. Watergate Scandal.
E. Savings and Loan Crisis.

Correct Answer: D


Gerald Ford became president in August 1974, after Richard Nixon resigned because he was about to be impeached for his part in the Watergate cover-up. Watergate was a two-year nightmare, and Ford was hoping to heal the wounds of the scandal. The Vietnam War (A) ended in early 1974 when the United States pulled its troops out; Nixon was president at the time. The Cold War (B) did not end until 1991, during the administration of George H. W. Bush. The Iran Hostage Crisis (C) ended as Ronald Reagan took office in 1981. The Savings and Loan Crisis (E) took place during the last years of Reagan's second term.

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