SAT Subject US History Practice Question 912: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 912

83. Scalawag was a derogatory term used by

A. abolitionists to describe slave catchers in the 1850s.
B. whites in the South to describe other Southerners who cooperated with Reconstruction.
C. Republicans to describe Federalists who cooperated with the British during the War of 1812.
D. Westerners to describe white settlers who argued for fair treatment of Native Americans in the 1870s.
E. union members to describe workers who crossed a picket line during the labor conflicts of the Gilded Age.

Correct Answer: B


Scalawag is a derogatory term applied to Southern whites who favored Reconstruction. It is derived from Scottish. White Southerners regarded the Reconstruction governments as a foreign occupying force that restricted their economic and political rights. Slave catchers (A) in the 1850s were called "man-stealers." Federalists (C) did not cooperate with Great Britain, although they opposed the War of 1812. Native Americans (D) received very little sympathy from white settlers. Workers who crossed picket lines (E) were dubbed "scabs."

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