SAT Subject US History Practice Question 915: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 915

86. The passage of the Emergency Quota Act in 1921 and the movement to prevent the teaching of evolution in public schools in the 1920s could best be seen as

A. conservative responses to social change.
B. Marxist responses to economic dislocation.
C. liberal responses to the rise of the Ku Klux Klan.
D. Democratic responses to the success of the Republican Party.
E. feminist responses to Victorian morality.

Correct Answer: A


The Emergency Quota Act was an expression of anti-immigrant sentiment, and the movement to prevent the teaching of evolution was a fundamentalist Christian attack on science. Other conservative responses included the rise of the KKK and the Red Scare. Many Marxists or Socialists (B) were immigrants themselves who opposed fundamentalism and favored evolution. Liberals (C) opposed immigration restrictions and favored evolution. The Democrats (D) had a base among urban immigrants, so all Democrats would not have favored the Emergency Quota Act. The Quota Act and the teaching of evolution were not examples of feminism (E).

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