SAT Subject US History Practice Question 919: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 919

90. All of the following were initiatives of Clinton administration except the

A. Brady Gun Control Bill, which regulated handgun ownership.
B. Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act, which reformed the welfare system.
C. Camp David Accords for peace between Israel and Egypt.
D. commitment of 20,000 troops to Haiti to support President Bertrande Aristide.
E. Dayton Accords for a peace settlement in Serbia.

Correct Answer: C


The Camp David Accords were signed under the administration of Jimmy Carter in 1979. The rest of the choices were achieved during the Clinton Administration. The Brady Bill (A) was signed in 1993. The Welfare Reform Act (B) was signed in 1996. Clinton supported democracy in Haiti (D) in 1994. Clinton arranged the Dayton Peace Accords to end the civil war in Bosnia in 1995 (E).

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