SAT Subject US History Practice Question 920: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 920

1. Roger Williams, the founder of the colony of Rhode Island, supported the idea that

A. civil authority should be separated from church authority.
B. church leaders should be the leaders of the colonies.
C. the Native American population should be resettled to the West.
D. the theocracy that existed in Massachusetts Bay should be extended to other colonies.
E. women should enjoy equal rights with men.

Correct Answer: A


Roger Williams founded the colony of Rhode Island in 1636 after he was banished from the Massachusetts Bay colony for criticizing the theocracy (church-state) that existed there. He believed in the separation of church and state. Williams did not believe that only church leaders (B) should govern the colonies; he did believe that the Native American population (C) should be treated fairly. Resettlement of the Native Americans to the west was an action taken by Andrew Jackson in the 1830s. Roger Williams did not support the theocracy in Massachusetts Bay (D) and did not wish to see that form of government extended to the other colonies. Equality for women (E) is more closely associated with Anne Hutchinson.

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