SAT Subject US History Practice Question 925: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 925

6. Among the key components of President Theodore Roosevelt's "Square Deal" program were

A. a national bank and internal improvements.
B. unemployment insurance and relief for poor families.
C. opposition to U.S. imperialism and autonomy for Latin American nations.
D. regulation of trusts and consumer protection.
E. racial integration in public facilities and voting rights for African Americans.

Correct Answer: D


Theodore Roosevelt's domestic agenda was known as the "Square Deal." His domestic accomplishments include challenging "bad" trusts using the Sherman Antitrust Act, strengthening the Interstate Commerce Commission with the Elkins Act (1903) and the Hepburn Act (1906), and setting aside millions of acres for conservation. A national bank and internal improvements (A) were part of Henry Clay's American System. Poverty relief and unemployment insurance (B) were part of Franklin D. Roosevelt's "New Deal." Theodore Roosevelt was an enthusiastic expansionist (C). Progressives, such as Roosevelt, generally ignored issues of racial discrimination (E). African American voting rights were not addressed until after World War II.

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