SAT Subject US History Practice Question 936: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 936

17. As a result of the Proclamation of Neutrality issued by the United States in 1939, the United States

A. favored the Axis powers.
B. established a "cash-and-carry" system of trade with belligerent nations.
C. withdrew from the League of Nations.
D. was criticized by the Allies and Axis powers alike.
E. joined the European powers in appeasing Germany.

Correct Answer: B


The Proclamation of Neutrality established a cash-and-carry system that deemed that any nation who wished goods from the United States would have to pay cash and carry the goods on its own ships. Because of the geographical location of the Allied nations, this Proclamation of Neutrality favored England and France and not Germany and the Axis powers (A). The United States had never been a member of the League of Nations (C). The Allies supported this U.S. action (D). The United States was not trying to satisfy the Axis powers by a policy of appeasement (E).

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