SAT Subject US History Practice Question 941: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 941

22. The delegates at the Constitutional Convention agreed that

A. Congress would not interfere with the importation of slaves for 20 years.
B. an import duty could not be placed on slaves brought into the United States.
C. the government was not permitted to tax imports.
D. slaves were to be counted as three-fifths of a person for the purposes of representation but not for the purposes of taxation.
E. slavery was not to be prohibited in any territory acquired by the United States in the future.

Correct Answer: A


The Slave Trade Compromise allowed the possibility for Congress to end the international slave trade after 1808. Slavery was the most volatile issue at the Constitutional Convention in 1787. An import tax (B) of $10 for every slave brought into the country could be established. At the Constitutional Convention, it was also agreed that the government could tax imports (C). The Three-Fifths Compromise provided that five slaves would be counted as three white men for the purposes of taxation and representation (D). The prohibition of slavery in newly acquired territories (E) was the language used in the Northwest Ordinance and the Wilmot Proviso, which were not part of the Constitution.

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