SAT Subject US History Practice Question 947: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 947

28. All of the following events contributed to Cold War tensions EXCEPT the

A. rejection of the Treaty of Versailles by the isolationist Senate.
B. U.S. airlift of food to the citizens of Berlin.
C. massive economic support for Western Europe through the Marshall Plan.
D. united support of the Greek monarchy in 1947.
E. the establishment of the defensive North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Correct Answer: A


The debate over the Treaty of Versailles occurred after World War I, nearly 30 years before the beginning of the Cold War. All of the other choices were significant events contributing to Cold War tensions. The Berlin Airlift (B) in 1948 was a response by the United States to the Soviet blockade of West Berlin. The Soviet Union considered the Marshall Plan (C) a plot against its economic system. The Truman Doctrine (D), which supported Greece and Turkey, and NATO (E) were policies of the United States designed to stem the spread of communism.

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