SAT Subject US History Practice Question 950: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 950

31. The Neutrality Act of 1793, Jay's Treaty of 1795, and the Convention of 1800 were all similar in that they

A. were negotiated during the administration of George Washington.
B. ended the practice of impressment.
C. allowed the United States to navigate the Mississippi River freely.
D. were supported by the people of the United States.
E. delayed U.S. involvement in a war.

Correct Answer: E


Both Washington and Adams realized the folly of U.S. involvement in the European conflicts of the 1790s. These agreements bought time for the United States to unify and grow. The Convention of 1800 (A), which ended the "quasi-war" between French warships and American privateers in the Caribbean, was negotiated during the Adams administration. The issue of impressment (B) was not addressed by any of these agreements. None of the three actions affected U.S. navigation in the Mississippi River (C). Neither Jay's Treaty nor the Convention of 1800 (D) was popular.

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