SAT Subject US History Practice Question 956: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 956

37. The deployment of nuclear missiles to Cuba by the Soviet Union in 1962

A. displayed Soviet nuclear superiority over the United States.
B. prompted a blockade of Cuba by President Kennedy.
C. enabled Fidel Castro to establish a dictatorship.
D. helped Kennedy's re-election bid.
E. provoked the Bay of Pigs attack.

Correct Answer: B


During the Cuban missile crisis, President Kennedy ordered the U.S. Navy to intercept any military equipment shipped to Cuba. There was no evidence of Soviet nuclear superiority (A). Castro's dictatorship (C) was established in 1959. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 before he made a re-election bid (D). The Bay of Pigs attack (E) occurred in 1961, prior to the missile crisis.

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