SAT Subject US History Practice Question 957: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 957

38. Buddhist monks set themselves on fire in 1963 as a protest against

A. French imperialism in Vietnam.
B. American support for Indonesian President Sukharno.
C. the puppet Diem regime in South Vietnam.
D. anti-Buddhist policies of the Communist leader Ho Chi Minh.
E. the Tet Offensive, because it broke a cease-fire.

Correct Answer: C


In 1963, Buddhist monks in Vietnam protested the American puppet regime of Ngo Dinh Diem. The Buddhists were not fairly represented in the government, and the Diem regime had been murdering them for protesting. The French (A) had been forced out of Vietnam in 1954. The Buddhists in Indonesia (B) did not protest against Sukharno; the Indonesian Communists did. Ho Chi Minh (D) was in control of North Vietnam in 1963, not the South where the monks burned themselves. The Tet Offensive (E) took place in 1968.

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