SAT Subject US History Practice Question 959: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 959

40. When President Bill Clinton was tried by the Senate in 1999, it was necessary that

A. Hillary Rodham Clinton testify before the Judiciary Committee.
B. Bill Clinton appear before the Senate.
C. Chief Justice William Rehnquist preside over the impeachment trial.
D. Vice President Al Gore temporarily assume the presidency.
E. Kenneth Starr resign as Independent Counsel.

Correct Answer: C


According to the Constitution, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court must preside over a presidential impeachment trial. Hillary Rodham Clinton (A) was not called to testify, and neither was Bill Clinton (B). The Constitution does not require any particular witnesses to testify in an impeachment trial. Clinton remained president through the impeachment process, and Vice President Gore (D) did not assume presidential power. Kenneth Starr (E) did not resign but remained Independent Counsel.

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