SAT Subject US History Practice Question 963: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 963

44. Which of the following statements regarding the Confederate army's firing on Fort Sumter in 1861 is true?

A. Abraham Lincoln had previously sent troops to defend the fort.
B. Jefferson Davis had offered to protect the ship that came to rescue the Union soldiers.
C. Abraham Lincoln had previously decided to abandon the fort.
D. Abraham Lincoln had previously sent supplies without extensive military protection.
E. Jefferson Davis had left the decision to fire upon the fort up to the troops in Charleston, South Carolina.

Correct Answer: D


Lincoln attempted to resupply the loyal Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor in the least provocative way. He sent supplies by sea on a lightly armed ship. He wanted the Confederates to be blamed for starting the shooting. Lincoln had not sent troops (A) to defend the fort. Jefferson Davis ordered the firing (E) and did not offer (B) to protect the fort. Abraham Lincoln did not decide to abandon the fort (C).

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