SAT Subject US History Practice Question 969: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 969

50. Which of the following is a true statement in regard to foreign policy during the Clinton Administration?

A. The United States continued a policy of isolationism.
B. Clinton labeled the Soviet Union the "evil empire" to gain the support of congressional Republicans.
C. Clinton sent more troops in peacetime around the world than any other president.
D. Clinton's policies were, by and large, opposed by the American people.
E. Clinton distanced the United States from NATO actions.

Correct Answer: C


Clinton sent peacekeeping troops to Haiti, Somalia, and Bosnia. His foreign policy was one of active involvement in world affairs. The policy was neither isolationist (A) nor at odds with NATO (E). The Soviet Union (B) had ceased to exist by 1991, before Clinton took office. Reagan had labeled the Soviet Union the "evil empire." Although sometimes receiving criticism for his actions, Clinton enjoyed the majority support of the American people (D).

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