SAT Subject US History Practice Question 975: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 975

56. President Franklin D. Roosevelt's actions were noteworthy because he

A. simplified the operations of the federal government.
B. implemented a sweeping civil rights program.
C. extended the direct influence of the government into the lives of the people.
D. succeeded in being elected five times to the presidency.
E. successfully concluded World War II.

Correct Answer: C


Franklin Roosevelt brought government more directly into the lives of the people. Roosevelt expanded the role of the federal government with the Social Security program, the Works Progress Administration, and other government construction projects. The federal government become more complex, not simpler (A), during the Roosevelt administration. Roosevelt was cautious on the civil rights front (B), as he did not want to lose the support of Southern Democrats. Roosevelt was elected to the presidency four times (D), and he died before the end of World War II (E).

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