SAT Subject US History Practice Question 977: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 977

58. The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party was formed in

A. 1912, to support the Progressive candidacy of Theodore Roosevelt.
B. 1948, to support President Truman's civil rights initiatives.
C. 1962, to support prayer in public schools.
D. 1964, to support African American representation at the Democratic convention.
E. 1968, to support the presidential bid of Governor George Wallace.

Correct Answer: D


Fannie Lou Hamer and the integrated Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP) attempted to replace the segregationist regular Democrats at the Democratic Convention in 1964. The Freedom Democratic Party was an organization of activists that grew out of the voting drives in Mississippi. They failed to get the seats despite the vocal support of the national Democrats for civil rights. The 1912 candidacy of Teddy Roosevelt (A) was supported by the Bull Moose Party. There was a 1948 party (B), called the Dixiecrats, that opposed Truman's civil rights programs. No political party was formed in 1962 (C) specifically to advance the cause of prayer in the schools. George Wallace was the leader of the Independent Party in 1968. (E).

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