SAT Subject US History Practice Question 979: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 979

60. The "Contract with America," put forward by congressional Republicans in 1994, included proposals to

A. decrease income taxes and force welfare recipients to find work.
B. decrease military spending and increase the education budget.
C. protect the rights of homosexuals in the military and create a single-payer health care system.
D. reinforce the separation of church and state and reform the campaign finance system.
E. make English the national language and eliminate bilingual education.

Correct Answer: A


The "Contract with America" was a series of conservative proposals, including reduced taxes, a stronger military, a reduced federal government, and welfare reform. Decreasing the military budget and increasing the education budget (B); protecting the rights of gays and creating a "single-payer," or national, health care system (C); and keeping church and state separated and reforming the campaign finance system (D) are all liberal measures, more likely to gain the support of the Democratic Party. While making English the national language and eliminating bilingual education (E) are conservative measures, they were not part of the "Contract with America."

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