SAT Subject US History Practice Question 981: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 981

62. The Hartford Convention of 1814 was important because it

A. was held by disgruntled Republicans unhappy with the War of 1812.
B. led to the death of the Federalist Party.
C. was supported by the South and West.
D. led to the prominence of Henry Clay.
E. changed the Constitution by engineering the passage of several amendments to increase the power of state governments.

Correct Answer: B


The Hartford Convention, held by New England Federalists in 1814 to protest the War of 1812, marked the beginning of the end of the Federalist Party. The Democratic-Republican Party (A) of Jefferson was founded in 1794 in the wake of Jay's Treaty, while the Republican Party of Lincoln was founded in 1854 in Wisconsin in the wake of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, and neither of these parties was involved in the Hartford Convention. The Hartford Convention was not supported by the South or the West (C), and the New England Federalists were isolated and discredited, bringing a loss in political power for the Northeast. Henry Clay (D) maintained his prominence as a War Hawk in Congress at this time, a situation that was not changed by the Hartford Convention. Although the Hartford Convention did come up with proposals for amendments increasing state powers (E), these were not adopted into the Constitution.

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