SAT Subject US History Practice Question 986: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 986

67. The most significant change in voting patterns in the 1930s was the

A. decrease in the percentage of women who voted.
B. shift among African American voters from the Republican to the Democratic Party.
C. large percentage of voters registered to the Communist Party in presidential elections.
D. overall decrease in the number of people who voted at all.
E. large number of recent immigrants who registered with the Republican Party.

Correct Answer: B


This was a very important shift within the electorate. From the days of Lincoln, the "Great Emancipator," until 1932, a majority of African Americans voted for the Republican Party. But from Roosevelt's re-election in 1936 until the present day, African Americans have overwhelmingly voted for the Democratic Party, which has appeared more responsive to their needs and interests. The percentage of women who voted (A) increased in the 1930s. The Communist Party (C) vote was always small. Even though the party gained in strength in the 1930s, as part of its Popular Front strategy, it supported Roosevelt. The percentage of actual voters in the electorate (D) increased in the 1930s. Immigrants (E), union members, African Americans, and urban political machines comprised Roosevelt's New Deal coalition.

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