SAT Subject US History Practice Question 987: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 987

68. The End Poverty in California campaign and the Share the Wealth Society could best be described as

A. campaigns that argued the New Deal did not go far enough.
B. local programs under the auspices of the New Deal.
C. labor organizations formed by the Communist Party.
D. conservative attacks on the "dictatorial" New Deal.
E. women's organizations that thought male-dominated organizations did not understand the realities of poverty.

Correct Answer: A


Roosevelt felt some pressure from the left, as leaders pushed agendas more radical than the New Deal. The End Poverty in California was Upton Sinclair's campaign, and the Share Our Wealth movement was Huey Long's project. The two programs were opposed to the New Deal, not part of it (B). The Communist Party had influence in some of the CIO unions in the 1930s (C), but the two programs were not labor unions. The New Deal was attacked from the right (D) by people such as Father Charles Coughlin, who had a popular weekly radio show. These programs did not have an emphasis an women (E).

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