SAT Subject US History Practice Question 988: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 988

69. William H. Whyte's 1956 book The Organization Man and Sloan Wilson's 1955 book The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit are similar in that they both

A. analyzed the growing sense of conformity and the loss of individualism in American society.
B. were held up as examples of "subversive" literature by the House Un-American Activities Committee.
C. called attention to the fact that the Soviet Union was outpacing the United States in economic output.
D. were influential in reshaping standard curricula at American business administration programs.
E. criticized the "beatnik" ethic of laziness, indulgence, and promiscuity.

Correct Answer: A


Whyte and Wilson criticized the sameness of American society as large corporations and suburbia came to dominate it. The two books mentioned were critical of trends within American society, but they were not Marxist, nor were they labeled as such (B). The Soviet Union was not outpacing the United States in economic output during the 1950s (C). While Whyte and Wilson criticized the conformity of American society, their criticisms did not make their way into business school curricula (D). The "beatniks" (E) were criticized by the mainstream press but not by Whyte and Wilson.

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