SAT Subject US History Practice Question 992: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 992

73. Which idea is most consistent with the political philosophy of Alexander Hamilton?

A. There should be rotation of people who hold public office.
B. The Constitution should be loosely interpreted.
C. The people can be trusted to make the right decisions if given the proper information.
D. All people have a right to be educated.
E. The states should have more power than the central government.

Correct Answer: B


Alexander Hamilton was a loose constructionist who justified the establishment of the Bank of the United States by citing the elastic clause (implied powers clause) in the Constitution. He did not support the idea of rotation in office (A), as he believed that the president should serve for life. He generally mistrusted the masses (C) and did not support the idea of an educated populace (D). Hamilton was a strong believer in the supremacy of the central government (E).

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