SAT Subject US History Practice Question 998: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 998

79. U.S. foreign policy with regard to conflicts in the Middle East since the 1960s has been influenced by the desire to balance the

A. independence of Israel with the need for oil from the Arab states.
B. rights of the Palestinians with support for Libya.
C. interests of Muslims and Hindus.
D. expansionist policies of the Soviet Union and preserving the territorial integrity of the Palestinian state.
E. preservation of human rights with maintaining free trade.

Correct Answer: A


The United States has supported Israel since its beginning in 1948. However, the growing need for Arab oil has created a conflict in American foreign policy, because no Arab oil state gave diplomatic recognition to Israel until 1978. The United States has never supported Libya (B). There is not a large population of Hindus (C) in the Middle East. A Palestinian state does not exist (D), and free trade (E) in the Middle East has not been a major question for the United States.

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