SAT US History Practice Test: 01 Pre-Columbian America and the Age of Exploration

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1. The term "American Indians" is a misnomer because the people it designates

A. are not native to the Americas
B. originally came from Asia
C. did not inhabit the East Indies
D. did not speak any European languages
E. first settled the Americas during the 1400s

2. Which of the following contributed the most to the founding and success of the Iroquois Confederacy?

A. The small size of the Iroquois tribes
B. The fact that the tribes all belonged to the same nation
C. The popular election of the council members
D. The constant conflicts among the Iroquois tribes
E. The example of the New England town meeting

3. Which nation has had the greatest influence on modern American culture?

A. Asia
B. England
C. France
D. Italy
E. Spain

4. A major reason that the Europeans succeeded in dominating the Native Americans and gradually taking over their land because

A. their religion was more compelling
B. their respect for the land was greater
C. they were better farmers than the Native Americans
D. their weapons were more sophisticated and deadly
E. they arrived in America before the Native Americans