SAT US History Practice Test: 02 English Colonial Settlements

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1. Why did the settlers of Massachusetts Bay found Harvard College?

A. They wanted a school that would rival Yale College in Connecticut.
B. They needed to supply jobs for unemployed professors.
C. They were concerned to educate future ministers of their church.
D. They wanted both boys and girls in New England to learn to read.
E. They insisted on the separation of church and state.

2. The most important difference between Pennsylvania and the Massachusetts Bay Colony was that Pennsylvania

A. was not founded by a Christian
B. was not an English colony
C. did not have a large city
D. was not ruled by a theocracy
E. did not attract settlers from Europe

3. The success of Southern plantations led to the increase of which of the following?

A. The African slave trade
B. Indentured servitude
C. Intercolonial trade
D. The building of cities
E. Trade with the Native Americans

4. Which of the following events was most responsible for the eventual disappearance of theocracy in Massachusetts?

A. The founding of Rhode Island
B. The establishment of Yale College
C. The banishment of Anne Hutchinson
D. The founding of Pennsylvania
E. The Salem witchcraft trials