SAT US History Practice Test: 03 Colonial Life

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1. The Navigation Acts of the 1650s had all the following purposes EXCEPT:

A. to protect colonial trade
B. to increase profits for Great Britain
C. to maintain English control over colonial trade
D. to foster a mercantilist economy
E. to increase imports to the colonies while decreasing exports

2. A principal consequence of the Glorious Revolution in Britain was that

A. the New England colonists threw Edmund Andros out of office
B. England became a Catholic nation once again
C. a queen ruled England in her own right for the first time
D. the colonial assemblies began discussing the need for a militia
E. English Protestants began fleeing to the colonies for fear of religious persecution

3. The abolitionist movement had difficulty gaining supporters in the early1800s because

A. African slaves were content with their status
B. there were no Africans in powerful positions in the government
C. Africans easily found ways to flout the system of slavery
D. Northern whites could ignore the wrongs of the slave system in the South and Southerners found it too profitable to end
E. Quakers were a majority in the colonies and spoke out against slavery at an early date

4. Which of the following people probably had the hardest and most thankless life in the colonies?

A. A farmer's wife
B. A female slave
C. A male slave
D. A cobbler
E. A blacksmith's apprentice