SAT US History Practice Test: 04 Conflicts in the Colonial Era

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1. Britain defended the colonists against the French primarily because

A. William Pitt believed it was necessary to win the war quickly
B. Britain was protecting its own investment in the colonies
C. British military officers were personally loyal to colonial troops
D. the British and the Native Americans did not have friendly relations
E. Britain wanted to push Spain out of its American colonies

2. George Washington found the job of commander in chief of the colonial army thankless and exhausting for all the following reasons EXCEPT:

A. the regular desertion of his soldiers who wanted to return to look after their own affairs
B. the contempt and distrust with which the British army officers treated him
C. the fact that his soldiers often refused to obey orders of which they did not approve
D. his lack of enjoyment of or interest in the military life
E. the youth and inexperience that made it difficult for him to know the best course to pursue

3. The two maps in this chapter illustrate which result of the French and Indian War?

A. The colonists began to identify themselves as fellow Americans rather than as Virginians or New Yorkers.
B. Dislike and distrust began to grow between Britain and the colonies.
C. Individual colonies expanded their territory westward.
D. Britain more than doubled the size of its holdings in North America.
E. Spain more than doubled the size of its holdings in North America.

4. Before 1754 French activity in North America was directed primarily toward

A. open warfare with Spanish colonists along the West Coast
B. religious conversion of the Native Americans
C. establishing the fur trade with the Native Americans
D. border warfare with the British colonists
E. building large cities along the Mississippi River