SAT US History Practice Test: 07 The Articles of Confederation

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1. The Articles of Confederation

A. were ratified by 9 of the 13 states and then became law
B. fixed the amount of the Revolutionary War debt Congress would have to repay
C. did not provide for an executive or judicial branch of the national government
D. established a strong central authority over the individual states
E. apportioned representation of each state according to its population

2. James Madison objected to the Articles of Confederation on all these grounds EXCEPT:

A. States were violating one another's rights.
B. Congress could not force states to pay their fair share of taxes.
C. States were making separate treaties with Native Americans.
D. Congress included delegates from each state.
E. States would never work together in their own best long-term interests.

3. All the following were direct or indirect consequences of the Articles of Confederation EXCEPT:

A. The United States acquired a large war debt.
B. The states gave up individual claims to lands outside their borders east of the Mississippi.
C. The Northwest Territory was divided into smaller territories, each with its own governor.
D. An economic depression hit the United States in 1784.
E. Daniel Shays led a farmers' rebellion in Massachusetts.