SAT US History Practice Test: 08 The Constitution

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1. The Antifederalists opposed the Constitution primarily because

A. they thought the United States should be ruled by a constitutional monarchy
B. they did not want the central government to have too much control over the states
C. they opposed slavery and wanted a constitution that would outlaw it
D. they demanded equal representation for all the states
E. they wanted the Constitution to include The Northwest Ordinances

2. Which of the following wrote the majority of the Federalist Papers?

A. Benjamin Franklin
B. Alexander Hamilton
C. John Jay
D. James Madison
E. George Washington

3. Why did the delegates agree to keep the proceedings of the Constitutional Convention secret?

A. They knew their work would be unpopular with their constituents.
B. They did not want to be subjected to any outside pressures or influences.
C. They had received a number of threats to their lives.
D. They knew there were many foreign spies hoping to betray them.
E. They did not want to provoke an uprising among the people.

4. All the following were important influences on the framers of the Constitution EXCEPT:

A. the Magna Carta
B. the English Bill of Rights
C. the Roman republic
D. The Spirit of the Laws
E. the Federalist Papers